Welcome to the Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae, which is the Royal University within the Midrealm.

The Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae, hereafter called RUM, was established within the Middle Kingdom for the dissemination of knowledge and information regarding the historical Middle Ages and Renaissance together with the history, traditions, and customs of the Middle Kingdom.

The planning of the activities of the Royal University of the Midrealm are made possible by the Officers and Deans of this program.

This website will allow you to sign up to teach at RUM events as well as allow you to keep track of your University credits. If you would like to upload your classes and offer to teach them at an upcoming RUM, please select Login or Register, under the Users tab on the menu.

If you are interested in learning about hosting a RUM event, there is information available on the Relationship between RUM Staff and Event Staff.

There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you to read. 


  Photo credit: Bryna Chandler 

NOTE on RUM at Middle Kingdom 50 Year

Welcome to MK50 Year Royal University of Midrealm signup to teach. Please fill out the form using the link below. Once submitted this will send an email to the MK50 scheduler and then a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming submission. A second email will be sent from the MK50 scheduler confirming your class or activity with date and time.

Things to know!
* The entire site is wifi – this includes inside and outdoor spaces.
* We have two class rooms with screens and projectors please request in Equipment and Space.
* All inside class room spaces will have tables, chairs and white boards.
* All outside class room spaces will have tables and chairs.
* Please limit classes to 3 per teacher.

Please use this form link to Signup!

RUM is pleased to announce a special guest speaker for the Middle Kingdom’s 50th Anniversary. Dr Corey Olsen, also known as the Tolkien Professor, founder of Signum University and the Mythgard Academy, is a renown medieval scholar and lecturer on medieval literature and history. Dr Olsen will be giving a talk on the Wife of Bath from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales on May 24 of our celebration in the (morning/afternoon).